Industrial Vertical Condensing Units

MAGNA Industrial Vertical Condensing Units are engineered to meet the growing needs of the industrial refrigeration market. Each unit is custom-built with robust, durable components and panels to withstand the harshest operating environments.  Flexible in design and construction, MAGNA vertical condensing units provide substantial system reliability and reduced installation and operation costs.

  • Heavy Duty G90 Galvanized Steel Cabinet
  • Copper tube, aluminum fin condenser coil
  • Filter drier and sight glass
  • Totally enclosed air over (TEAO) motors
  • Adjustable head pressure control (Dual Valve)
  • Auto reset high pressure switch
  • Oil separator on low temp models
  • Hinged fan access panels
  • LED electrical panel lighting
  • Multi-colored and labeled wires
  • Industrial grade components

Electrical Options

  • Air or electric defrost timer
  • intelliGen controls
  • Remote load defrost heater circuit breaker
  • Fan cycling-temperature controlled
  • Fan cycling-pressure controlled
  • Unit circuit breaker disconnect
  • Compressor circuit breaker
  • Phase loss monitor
  • Variable speed motors
  • Low ambient kit with heated and insulated receiver
  • Evaporator hold off relay
  • Compressor head cooling fan (dependent on application)
  • Convenience outlet

Mechanical Options

  • Replaceable Core Liquid Line Filter Drier and Sight Glass
  • Liquid Line Filter Drier, Sight Glass, and Solenoid Valve
  • Suction Line Filter
  • Replaceable Core Suction Line Filter
  • Suction standard accumulator and boil out accumulator
  • Suction line Insulation
  • Oil Separator with Discharge Line Check Valve
  • Discharge Muffler
  • 3-Way Heat Reclaim Valve and Check Valve with Coalescent oil separator
  • 3-Way Heat Reclaim Valve and Check Valve
  • Compressor Unloading with Pressure Control for Copeland
  • Compressor unloading with CRII controller for Bitzer
  • Discharge line temperature control
  • Receiver level switch
CO2 Certification Training

This Two-day course covers the necessary considerations connected to safe system installation, startup, and commissioning of a CO2 Transcritical system.

This is a paid course. All training materials are provided. Tablets and laptops are optional.

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