MAGNA Industrial Refrigeration is the Ultimate.

MAGNA has the expertise, performance, reliability, and product range to bring Low GWP to your new and existing cold storage applications.

Ultimate in engineering and manufacturing capabilities
Ultimate in range of industrial grade, long-lasting products
Ultimate in lead times and warranty
Ultimate in project-specific support

We know that industrial refrigeration applications come in all shapes and sizes.

Light Commercial
1/2 - 6 HP
  • Convenience Stores
  • Mobile Delivery
  • Drug/Dollar Stores
6 - 90 HP
  • Food Service
  • Food Retail
  • Supermarkets
  • Milk Market
  • Institucional
  • Hospitality
30 - 500 HP
  • Food Processing
  • Cold Storage
  • Distribution Warehousing
  • Floral Warehousing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agricultural
  • Process Cooling
  • Data Center
Product Offerings
Industrial Warehouse Unit Coolers
MAGNA Industrial Warehouse Unit Coolers provide extended capacity ranges and air throw capability required by large cold storage and food processing facilities. Built on a rugged and durable chassis, these industrial-grade units are uniquely suited for extreme applications, such as blast freezers and coolers. Service-friendly features and rigorously tested components are united with durable, heavy-gauge construction to deliver units built to last!
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Industrial Center Mount Unit Coolers
MAGNA Industrial Center Mount Unit Coolers excel in storage and processing environments requiring low velocity air movement and/or high humidity levels. These powerful unit coolers feature a dual flow air throw through design allowing for gentle air movement across operating personnel in preparation rooms and fragile products like flowers. Industrial design elements provide a long-lasting durable product for years of worry-free operation.
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Industrial Vertical Condensing Units
MAGNA Industrial Vertical Condensing Units are engineered to meet the growing needs of the industrial refrigeration market. Each unit is custom-built with robust, durable components and panels to withstand the harshest operating environments. Flexible in design and construction, MAGNA vertical condensing units provide substantial system reliability and reduced installation and operation costs.
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Need a Custom Solution?
Every project has its own unique challenges. Sometimes you need something just a bit different, while other times you need something that has never been done before. Whether you need to include a small cold-room outside a main warehouse, or you need a full parallel rack system, Heatcraft can customize a full solution for your needs.
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CO2 Certification Training

This Two-day course covers the necessary considerations connected to safe system installation, startup, and commissioning of a CO2 Transcritical system.

This is a paid course. All training materials are provided. Tablets and laptops are optional.

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