Industrial Warehouse Unit Coolers

MAGNA Industrial Warehouse Unit Coolers provide extended capacity ranges and air throw capability required by large cold storage and food processing facilities. Built on a rugged and durable chassis, these industrial-grade units are uniquely suited for extreme applications, such as blast freezers and coolers. Service-friendly features and rigorously tested components are united with durable, heavy-gauge construction to deliver units built to last!

  • Heavy gauge G90 galvanized cabinet provides a heavy duty, durable structure
  • High capacity aluminum fin/copper tube evaporator coils with enhanced tubes
  • Capacity ranges from 42,000 to 410,000 btuh
  • Air, Electric and Hot gas defrost models
  • Coil Fin spacing from 3 to 8 FPI
  • High efficiency totally enclosed fan motors
  • Double wall insulated hinged drain pan. Overlap design to prevent exterior condensation. Drain pan is triple pitched for superior condensate removal
  • Hinged fan venturi panels
  • Hinged end service panels
  • External rotor motors with hinged venturi panel
  • Wash down rated motors
  • Variable speed motors
  • Variable speed motor controls
  • White painted cabinet
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller
  • Mounted thermal expansion valves
  • Mounted electronic expansion valves
  • Mounted non-fused disconnect switch
  • Coil coatings
  • CO2 coil designs
  • Long air throw fan and motor designs
  • Floor mounting legs
  • 45 and 90 degree air outlet configurations
  • Extended fan venturi for enhanced air throw
  • Mounted solenoid valve
  • Mounted thermostat
CO2 Certification Training

This Two-day course covers the necessary considerations connected to safe system installation, startup, and commissioning of a CO2 Transcritical system.

This is a paid course. All training materials are provided. Tablets and laptops are optional.

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